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Homo transmutans: challenges of pedagogical discourse in a digital multicultural classroom (OPEN ACCESS)

Moshnyaga E.V.

National Research University «Higher School of Economics», Moscow, Russia,


The article examines the issues of transformation of individuals as communicative personalities in a digital multicultural educational environment, the transition to which is caused by pandemic restrictions. Adapting to the virtual space of intercultural communication and the new, electronic, continuum of pedagogical discourse, the students, transforming themselves, transform the communicative community and educational environment. The purpose of the study is to identify and conceptualize the signs of transformation of the multicultural class participants’ identities when studying under international programs in the virtual space of communication. The research methods involved participant longitudinal observation, survey, discourse analysis, concept analysis. Among the results reflecting the dynamics of communication transformation processes in digital intercultural education are the capsulization of communication, transcultural communication, and the development of multimodal competence.


intercultural communication; pedagogical discourse; multicultural class; capsule communication; multimodal competence; transcultural communication; transmodern situation

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For citing: Moshnyaga E.V. (2022). Homo transmutans: challenges of pedagogical discourse in a digital multicultural classroom. Human being: Image and essence. Humanitarian aspects. Moscow: INION RAN. Vol. 2(50): Adaptive human being: communication, discourse, speech and language of modern society, pp. 24-45. DOI: 10.31249/chel/2022.02.02

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