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The purpose of the social net discourse as the foundation for its classification (OPEN ACCESS)

Bouchev A.B.

Tver State University, Russia, Tver,


The article discusses the classification of net discourses, based upon functional criteria, i.e. academic, commercial, media, recreational and cultural, interpersonal and auto-communicative (psychotherapeutic). The author gives vivid examples of the aforementioned discourses in each of the subtypes of net communication. The idea is to discuss the specificity of interpersonal communication and language communication with the emphasis on the phenomenon of bullying. The methodological approach is that of the analysis of language personality and the texts of the latter.


net discourse; purpose of discourse; classification based on purpose; blogging; bloggers; psychological characteristics of bloggers and blogging; interpersonal communication; bulling

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For citing: Bouchev A.B. (2022). The purpose of the social net discourse as the foundation for its classification. Human being: Image and essence. Humanitarian aspects. Moscow: INION RAN. Vol. 2(50): Adaptive human being: communication, discourse, speech and language of modern society, pp. 86-102. DOI: 10.31249/chel/2022.02.05

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