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Adapting person and the modern scientific discourse (OPEN ACCESS)

Troshina N.N.

Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Moscow,


Extensive anglification of the scientific discourse is taking place under the influence of editorial policy of highly rated American scientific journals. The most important instrument of this policy is the impact-factor, i.e. a quantity index of citation of articles published in particular journals. All participants of the scientific discourse have to focus on this index which defines the scientific image of a scientist and a probability of one’s research being financed. New conditions of scientific communication require adaptation to the Saxonic style of scientific thinking and the corresponding layout of academic papers. The enforced adherence to the rules of the English monolinguistic communication leads not only to the language quality reduction of scientific publications, whose authors are not English-speaking, but also excludes from the scientific discourse the results articulated in other languages.


adapting person; monolingualism; polylingualism; anglification of the scientific discourse; impact factor; cognitive style

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For citing: Troshina N.N. (2022). Adapting person and the modern scientific discourse. Human being: Image and essence. Humanitarian aspects. Moscow: INION RAN. Vol. 2(50): Adaptive human being: communication, discourse, speech and language of modern society, pp. 72-85. DOI: 10.31249/chel/2022.02.04

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